When to visit Nepal

Best Time to Visit Nepal 2016

Each of Nepal’s climatic seasons offer something different and visitors could come to Nepal all the year round.

In general, there are the two most favorable seasons of year to visit Nepal, that is during the pre-monsoon season (March, April, May, Mid June) and post-monsoon season (Mid-September, October, November). Both tend to be fairly fine weather, and to provide pleasant conditions for trekking, rafting and sightseeing in Nepal.

In order to help you find YOUR best time to visit Nepal, we are here, listing some facts and reasons about visiting Nepal in different season. Please check the seasonal variations carefully and choose your optimum time for the activities you wish to do.

Nepal Weather & Climate

The weather in Nepal is reasonably stable and the climate naturally forms four main seasons.

Post-Monsoon (Mid-September, October, November)
This is the most popular time to visit Nepal. Generally during post-monsoon, the weather is clear with mild to warm days and cold nights. In this season, it provides good visibility, giving the best views of the mountains.

Best Time to Visit Nepal

Best Time to Visit Nepal in Post-Monsoon

Winter (December, January, Febuary)
The daytime temperatures in Nepal will be cooler; however the nights will often be very cold. The days are generally clear but occasional winter storms can bring snow as low as 2500m. The mid-December to mid-February is the coldest time.

However, Early October through late November is also the busiest period for Climbing Mera peak, Island peak, Chulu, and trekking in Annapurna, Everest, Langtang in Nepal.

Pre-Monsoon (March, April, May, Mid-June)
This is the second most popular and pleasant season to visit Nepal. During the Pre-monsoon you could expect more variable weather but with predominantly clear morning and overcast afternoons. The days mix up warm and little rain, which displays wildflowers like rhododendrons. The whole country is lush and an abundant green at this season. The Terai’s long grass has been cut, improving wildlife sightings in the national parks.

Monsoon (Mid-June, July, August, Mid-September)
During Monsoon, the temperature and humidity is very high during both the night and day. While the majority of the rain falls in the afternoon and night-time but there are also occasional days of continuous rain. Trekking at this time of year is generally difficult and uncomfortable as the weather is hot and it rains almost every day.

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