Q. What is the role of your guide while we are on the trekking?

A. Your guide is extensively trained (Government registered) on safe operations and handling both Tea House (Lodge to Lodge) and Camping (Tent to Tent) trekking. His primary concern is safety and your enjoyment of the tour. Your guide is knowledgeable about the Himalayas, altitude sickness, geography, Nepali culture and customs as well as flora and fauna of this special area. 


Q. Can we ask questions to your guide as much as we want?

A. Please, do not hesitate to ask your guide questions. All of the guides have a wealth of information and are happy to expand on any topic in which you may be interested. They have been trained to provide information while they are on the trekking. 


Q. Is there an opportunity for me to give feedback regarding my tour or overnight hotel as well as food and crews?

A. At the conclusion of your trekking/expedition trip, we will be more than happy to share time with you in our head office and sit down for chatting about your trip. We do have comment books you can take a moment to complete it as your opinion of our service is valuable to us. 


Q. Is the tap or stream water safe to drink while we are on the trekking?

A. Stream water is clean due to the source of the water (mountain springs and glaciers) however due to it gonna be too cold it may effect your stomach so you better drink mineral water along the way (you can buy most of the way) or boiled water putting yourself Iodine or water purifying tablets. 


Q. Should I drink more water than usual?

A. It deepens how high do you do trekking however trekking in Nepal is obviously bit in higher places compared to other countries, which will be minimum altitude from 1500 mtr. To 5545 mtr. Above the sea level. At these altitudes your body can become dehydrated more quickly, and it is important that you drink water regularly (4 - 5 liters a day).


Q. Is it customary to give gratuities to my guide and porter for my trip?

A. Many of our guests have asked us about the customary practice of recognizing exceptional service through tipping. While we consider it your personal decision. To be frank and honest with you, everybody gives tips to our crews at the end of the tours but minimum to maximum is your decision. In other hand only giving money is a not only tip, you may give to them used clothes, used equipment etc too.

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